The Ministry of Transport and Communications urges the citizens to refrain from booking plane tickets, citing the decision on closing the two international airports in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is still in force.

We would like to note that the decision on closing the Skopje International Airport and the St. Paul the Apostle airport in Ohrid is still valid, meaning the airports are closed for passenger transport and air traffic is suspended until a new decision is reached. State, military, humanitarian and cargo flights, as well as transportation of sick patients are exempted from this decision, the Transport Ministry says Monday after several media reported that flights will be restored, listing concrete dates.

In a statement, the Ministry notes that at the moment it is hard to predict when passenger transportation by air could be reintroduced.

Until the government of the Republic of Macedonia reaches a new decision, we urge the citizens to refrain from booking plane tickets. We will inform on time the public about reintroducing air traffic, says the Transport Ministry, adding that the citizens should follow the information released by the government and its ministries.

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