International Chamber of Commerce national office ICC Macedonia, in accordance with the 2020 program, under the initiative of the national committee Chair Danela Arsovska with the support of the Kingdom of Netherlands, established national ICC Anti-Corruption Business Coalition. The Anti-Corruption Business Coalition brings together the relevant stakeholders in this area including the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, the State Audit Office, the Academy for judges and public prosecutors and a number of relevant public and private sector institutions. This new national body has been established as the most important institution for integrity and fight against corruption, while taking action to introduce mechanisms that will promote a clearly expressed will and strong commitment to combating corrupt practices.

In October 2020, the Government Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Fighting Corruption and Crime, Sustainable Development and Human Resources, Mr. Ljupco Nikolovski, was appointed Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition, a result through which the government’s strong commitment to rule of law and integrity is reflected.

This coalition led by Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski on the 24th November, in the first month of his appointment and under his leadership achieved results that are a clear signal for a new page in the fight against corruption and one of the greatest successes at the national level for the implementation of voluntary international practices. At a Government session, the Deputy Prime Minister adopted a conclusion to instruct the Public Procurement Bureau to use the ICC Anti-Corruption Clause of the International Chamber of Commerce in public procurement contracts. The contracting parties in public procurement procedures are encouraged to use the ICC Anti-Corruption Clause, as protection against corrupt behaviour related to relations with civil or public servants at international, national or local level, political party, party officials, candidates for public office or director position. With the opportunity to be used by the contracting parties in public procurement, with this clause they will establish strong protection from possible corrupt practices.

The Anti-corruption business coalition led by Deputy Prime Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski as its chair, and the ICC Macedonia Chair Danela Arsovska which advocated the anticorruption clause to be implemented, with their strong commitment and activities undertaken, in a short time managed to achieve exceptional results in the fight against corruption. Their clear commitment as an outstanding example in the Balkans, is particularly important as a step towards improving the business conditions for domestic companies, but it is also an incentive for potential foreign investors. This success is expected to be the first of a series of implemented world best practices that will result in harmonization of the recommendations of the most relevant international organizations and institutions in this field.

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